Middle East
Middle East

Terrorism. Death threats. Beatings. Arrest. This is a normal day for many Christians in Muslim-dominant countries of the Middle East.

Yet in the face of constant persecution and hardship, God’s Word is being translated by bands of believers who press forward despite threats of physical suffering.

And in these hostile nations, as the Scriptures are translated into local languages, the powerful undercurrent of God’s Word grows stronger, drawing more brothers and sisters out of spiritual death and into eternal life.


A Personal Testimony: Abir*

“I am so thirsty . . . I just want to know more!”

Try to imagine a country where Christians are tortured and persecuted for their faith every day. Imagine living among people with the hardest hearts, full of distrust and disdain—even hatred—for Christianity. That’s where I grew up.

And from a young age, I was a strict Muslim. I did everything I was supposed to do, but I began to feel frustration growing in my heart. I had so many questions that Islam couldn’t answer. I started doubting my faith.

One day I saw a Christian program on my television, and something inside me wanted to know more. I reached out to the station to learn more about the Jesus they were talking about, and I was put in contact with a man named Robert.


For the next few weeks I studied the Scriptures—in my own language—with Robert, and found answers to so many of my questions. I really began to see the truth in the Bible.

I remember the exact day I looked up at Robert with tears falling down my cheeks. I told him that I wanted to be a disciple of Jesus!

Now I feel free, and I have such peace inside. I am so thirsty—I just want to know more.

—Abir*, The Middle East

* Name changed and country not listed for security reasons. Photo is not of the actual person.

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