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Technology Advancement

Right now is an exciting time for Bible translation, because God has provided the tools to accelerate the translation process and share His Word to the ends of the earth. Wycliffe Associates’ development of robust Bible translation technology paired with streamlined methodology for Bible translation workshops, means more people than ever before are able to have God’s Word at their fingertips!

Technology for National Translators (TNTs)

Laptop computers and software technology has revolutionized Church Owned Bible Translation in parts of the world where Christians are targeted and persecuted. These mobile devices are small and discreet—just like other mobile devices on the market—but packed with essential Bible translation apps that guide national translators through the Bible translation process and provide a wealth of information on biblical concepts and historical contexts. Providing national Bible translators with laptop computers allows projects to be more collaborative and the work to be saved securely.

You can provide a national Bible translator with a fully loaded laptop computer today!

Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs)

Millions of people live in communities where the language is unwritten. And many people in the developing world have never learned to read. Often these groups experience extreme isolation and marginalization, simply because of illiteracy and their oral language traditions. Still, they need to know God’s Word.

Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs) make it possible for national Bible translators to produce audio recordings of the Scriptures, so their people can hear and come to know the truth of God’s transforming Word. Each BTRK includes a laptop computer with recording software and a microphone.

Give a BTRK to someone who needs to hear God’s Word!

Bible Distribution

After finishing a translation of the Scriptures in a local language, national Bible translators are eager to get the Word of God into the hands of their people. Wycliffe Associates assists Bible translators with printing Bibles using a combination of local print shops and Print On Demand systems.

The Bible Distribution team also creates digital apps for Android devices that let readers access their Bibles for free, at any time. Digital apps include the local heart language, plus a language of wider communication, called a Gateway language.

The Bible Distribution team also assists with distributing Sign Language Bibles digitally, through the Internet and with a mobile app that works on both Android and iPhone.  The Sign Language Bible app allows Deaf people to download video files onto their phones and tablets to watch the Scriptures come to life as they see a fellow Deaf Christian sign the Bible.

When you give to support Bible Distribution, you are putting God’s Word into the hands of someone who longs to know the truth!

Don’t let the thousands of communities without God’s Word in their heart language wait any longer.