A Bible in Every Language by 2025

Imagine not being able to read John 3:16 and understand God’s love in your language, or find comfort in Isaiah 40     . . . for millions of people, this is their reality! They live in a Bibleless world—thousands of language groups don’t have God’s Word available to them in their heart language.

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Our core commitment at Wycliffe Associates is to accurately translate the Word of God. We diligently reinforce the priority of accuracy of Bible translation in the projects with which Wycliffe Associates is involved.

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  • Technologist Needed in Orlando to Support Global Bible Translation! April 29, 2021
    Are you, or someone you know, an experienced genius with technology? We need a technologist to base in Orlando to support our global Tech Advance team. Our Tech Advance team travels to deploy the latest technology for Bible translation teams around the world. But this traveling team cannot effectively equip and empower Bible translation without […]
    Wycliffe Associates
  • The Top 5 Ways COVID-19 Has Affected Bible Translation April 27, 2021
    When things around me get uncertain—when life seems to be spinning out of control—that’s when I need to stop and take inventory of all that God has done, of all the times I have seen His mighty hand at work. Within minutes, my perspective is shifted back to the King of Kings and Lord of […]
    Wycliffe Associates
  • Pray for a Safe Haven for the Persecuted April 24, 2021
    You and I have an opportunity to bring before the Lord people who do not have Scripture in their heart language. Let’s pray for believers who live in a highly persecuted region of the world and want Scripture in the heart languages of their own people. As we prepare to pray together, I want to […]

Don’t let the thousands of communities without God’s Word in their heart language wait any longer.