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Imagine not being able to read John 3:16 and understand God’s love in your language, or find comfort in Isaiah 40     . . . for millions of people, this is their reality! They live in a Bibleless world—thousands of language groups don’t have God’s Word available to them in their heart language.

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With the groundbreaking method of Church Owned Bible Translation, a team of native language speakers can translate God’s Word quickly and accurately. Because this method puts the tools for Bible translation into the hands of national translators—now their people don’t have to wait any longer to know God through His Word!

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  • Prayer Watch: What will the Next Year Bring? July 23, 2021
    The Executive team of Wycliffe Associates recently completed their Strategic Planning meetings in Orlando. I have been thinking and wondering what this new fiscal year will bring. One thing we all learned from COVID last year is that we really don’t know the future. Our Lord knows, so it behooves us to place our hope […]
    I want to introduce you to a man I’ll call Huy. He was born and raised in Southeast Asia. He’s a caring, hardworking young man, but he’s lost. He has never looked at a Bible and discovered the plan of salvation.   That’s because Huy can’t read or write. None of his people can because […]
    Wycliffe Associates
  • Opportunity for Dutch, Italian, German, & Greek Speakers July 9, 2021
    We have a special opportunity for native speakers of Dutch, Italian, German, and modern Greek to support Bible translation. Even if you don't personally speak these languages, will you please share this message with your network?
    Wycliffe Associates

Don’t let the thousands of communities without God’s Word in their heart language wait any longer.