A Bible in Every Language

Imagine not being able to read John 3:16 and understand God’s love in your language, or find comfort in Isaiah 40     . . . for millions of people, this is their reality! They live in a Bibleless world—thousands of language groups don’t have God’s Word available to them in their heart language.

Biblical Accuracy

Our core commitment at Wycliffe Associates is to accurately translate the Word of God. We diligently reinforce the priority of accuracy of Bible translation in the projects with which Wycliffe Associates is involved.

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  • Africa’s Christians Request: “Please give us God’s Word” May 19, 2022
    Our brothers and sisters in Africa are suffering. Here are some shocking news headlines in places where national Bible translators are at work—
    Wycliffe Associates
  • Prayer Watch: Bible Distribution in the Midst of Terror May 18, 2022
    I sit here at my desk writing to you, my dear partners in ministry. If it’s hot outside the air conditioner keeps me cool. If it’s cold, the heater warms me. Our small home provides us with comfort and safety. It’s quiet in our house this afternoon. I open my Bible. I choose the one […]
  • Christians Escape Deadly Islamic Militia April 29, 2022
    We’re calling all believers to pray and act on behalf of national Bible translators in the Middle East who ran for their lives as militant Muslims hunted them because of their faith.  
    Wycliffe Associates

Don’t let the thousands of communities without God’s Word in their heart language wait any longer.