A Bible in Every Language

Imagine not being able to read John 3:16 and understand God’s love in your language, or find comfort in Isaiah 40     . . . for millions of people, this is their reality! They live in a Bibleless world—thousands of language groups don’t have God’s Word available to them in their heart language.

Translation Strategies

With the groundbreaking method of Church Owned Bible Translation, a team of native language speakers can translate God’s Word quickly and accurately. Because this method puts the tools for Bible translation into the hands of national translators—now their people don’t have to wait any longer to know God through His Word!

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  • A Solution Within Reach October 15, 2021
    In this blog, you will hear from Tim Neu of Wycliffe Associates about the challenges facing many Bible translators right now . . . plus the solution that can change everything! In his words—
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  • Prayer Watch: Nigeria Emergency—Care in the Midst of Chaos October 12, 2021
    My heart breaks, just trying to write the words to describe for you the horrific tragedies taking place in Nigeria—most recently in August, in September, and now in October. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom this week condemned the violence against religious communities in Nigeria. So. . . . It is reading the […]
  • Pastor Timothy Would Not Be Shaken October 4, 2021
    Pastor Timothy climbed into the back seat of the cab, as he had done so many times before. But after driving just a short distance, the driver suddenly stopped the car, and two men jumped in, one on either side of Timothy. It was a trap. The men proceeded to beat Pastor Timothy mercilessly. Then […]
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Don’t let the thousands of communities without God’s Word in their heart language wait any longer.