Latin America
Latin America

When you think of dark jungles and unreached language groups your mind might drift away from Latin America.

But leave the urban sprawl of the major cities—where most evangelism work has focused—and stand shoulder to shoulder with the indigenous people, and spiritual death and darkness are everywhere.

National Bible translators are desperate to see God’s Word translated in Latin America. They will sacrifice their own comforts to attend MAST workshops hundreds of miles away from their often isolated locations, fueled by an intense passion for God’s Word. Because of their own powerful life transformation, they want to see their communities . . . coming alive!

A Personal Testimony: Isai

“We saw the power of God . . .”

For many years I have longed for the Word of God in the language of my people. As a pastor, I see how difficult it is for my congregation to understand Scripture in a language that isn’t their mother tongue.

So when I heard about an opportunity to participate in a MAST workshop to translate God’s Word into our language, I reached out to a neighboring pastor and some other local believers. We traveled 16 hours to get to another part of Mexico to work on our translation.


While we were translating Scripture, I found God was already working in a deeper way. Though we are the same tribe, our people have been fighting over some land—a fight that has caused much division and hurt in our churches.

Not only did we leave the MAST workshop with some of God’s Word translated into our shared languages, by the end of the workshop, we were in tears, asking each other for forgiveness. We saw the power of God bring us together in unity.

—Isai, Mexico

* Photo is not of the actual person.

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