Latin America
Latin America

Latin America is a region of stark contrasts—the sprawling urban landscapes neighbor immense jungle regions home to half of the world’s biodiversity . . . lush rainforests lay just beyond some of the world’s most dangerous cities. And yet the common denominator is the spiritual darkness that hovers over this region. The people of Latin America have a desperate need for God’s Word to transform their lives.

National Bible translators, together with the local church, are committed to seeing God’s Word translated into the language of their people. Their sacrifice and commitment are unshakable! These men and women are willing to put their lives on hold so that they can see lives transformed by Scripture.

Though Latin America has experienced rapid growth in the Church over the past century, there are still millions among the indigenous people groups that have never heard about the love of Jesus! They need God’s Word in their heart language . . .

A Personal Testimony: Ester

Now We Understand!

Years ago, I tried to read the Bible in another language. I remember how the words looked familiar, but they didn’t mean the same things to me and my people. We tried so hard, but it just didn’t make sense. It was confusing and we were discouraged to not be able to understand the meaning of the passages.

I speak an indigenous language, and while it may be a smaller language, we have been longing to have God’s Word in our mother tongue.


One day I was asked if I would help with a Bible translation workshop, and my heart soared! Not only was it an honor to be asked to participate, but this would mean my people would be able to hold God’s Word in their hands.

During the two-week workshop my team and I were able to translate six chapters of the book of Mark. It was amazing!

Reading the Bible in my language was like drinking water on a very hot day. It was so refreshing to my soul to have the words of Jesus in my language! I am so excited to keep going . . .

—Ester, Mexico

* Photo is not of the actual person.

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