What We Do

Translation Strategies

Exciting advances in technology, coupled with the dedicated work of national translators, give you more opportunities than ever before to participate in the urgent, eternally significant calling of sharing Christ with people of every language.

Here are some of the ways you can join with Wycliffe Associates to advance the gospel and see more people receive the priceless gift of salvation and eternal life in Jesus Christ:

MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation)

MAST is a collaborative translation method which enables teams of national translators to translate books of the Bible simultaneously and at a faster pace. With MAST, a team of 26 national translators can translate the entire New Testament in weeks or months instead of years.

Based on proven linguistics principles, MAST engages national translators and local church leaders in the drafting and checking process. Checking takes places continually throughout the translation process, greatly increasing the accuracy of the final translation. MAST can be used even with small groups of believers in the most remote locations—opening up a pathway for thousands of new translation projects that would otherwise not be possible for years to come!

Join us in this exciting effort to speed the translation of God’s Word for people who are in need of the gospel!


The goal of translating God’s Word into every language took a giant step toward reality when our TranslationStudio app was released for free download in the Google Play store.

The TranslationStudio app integrates several leading edge strategies to advance Bible translation. TranslationStudio is designed to run on computer tablets and mobile phones that use the Android operating system—the most common mobile operating system worldwide—putting Bible translation within reach of Christians around the globe.

The app’s resource section provides a wealth of information on key terms and how to overcome translation challenges to assist local translators in creating Bible translations that are accurate, clear, and natural. Collaboration tools enable any number of people to work together, online or offline, to draft and revise their work for the best possible result.

This technology also makes Bible translation work safer for believers in dangerous countries, where meeting together to work on translation could draw suspicion.

Bible Scholar Recruitment

Wycliffe Associates is recruiting dozens of Bible scholars who are working in teams in the United States to create an open-license source text for the entire Old and New Testaments that will be made available to national translators for free without copyright restrictions. These teams are also creating translation notes for the TranslationStudio app, which will help translators all over the world bring God’s Word to their people in their heart language.

Would you like more information about joining one of our Bible scholar teams?