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The Training Process for Church Owned Bible Translation

Who is involved in Bible translation training?

  • Your church leaders and/or members, partner churches or missions’ organizations, others in your community, and others
  • Wycliffe Associates Field Trainers

We provide:

  • Practical instruction in Church Owned Bible Translation.
  • Training in field-proven methodology and strategies.
  • The needed resources and technology.

Who needs the Bible in their language?

  • What languages are in your community?
  • Do they have a complete Bible in their heart language?
    • All the local dialects
    • An oral / audio translation
    • Translations for the Deaf and Deaf/Blind
    • New Testament and Old Testament

How is training done?

We travel to your city and “train your trainers”; volunteers dedicated to working with other bilingual believers toward an accurate mother-tongue Bible.

What kinds of tools and support are provided?

We want to see you succeed! All materials will be available to you in English and the languages that your trainers speak.

  • Informational materials to share with your church and community while you’re signing up your volunteers.
  • Training Guides and Participant Workbooks, slides, and all training tools.
  • Online continuing guides and resources.
  • Equipment that will enable you to upload completed verses and books into the Cloud to protect and distribute.