The Setting

Around the world, whether communities are hard to reach, faced with radical terrorists, civil unrest, natural disaster, epidemics, food shortages, lock downs, or persecution by majority religions, Bible translation must continue in order to get Scripture in every language. Thousands of language communities—even communities with churches—still do not have a single verse of God’s Word in their languages.

The Crisis

Without Scripture in one’s heart language, understanding of God’s Word is incomplete. Churches are at risk of their community’s traditional religion being mixed up with their faith. And there are many places where Wycliffe Associates cannot attend and train nationals at the Bible translation workshops in person.

The Need

In fact, there are hundreds of language groups whose trained Bible translators are making progress getting the Bible translated into their mother tongue. Hundreds more are pleading for Bible translation training and technology. Wycliffe Associates needs to be able to coordinate and support Bible translations from afar. If we can equip the national Bible translators with virtual tools, they can work together while we support them remotely.

The Opportunity

Yes, there is a way to provide nationals in the most difficult of locations and situations with Bible translation training and support—virtually. Our online Bible translation process Virtual MAST (V-MAST) enables local Bible translators to complete entire Bible translations using their laptop computers to work online. The Bible translators can work together, and Wycliffe Associates’ US based staff and facilitators can train and support them remotely.

Right now there are V-MAST teams all around the world at work translating the Bible in their own languages.

Based on proven principles of linguistics, V-MAST engages national Bible translators and local church leaders in the drafting and checking process. Checking takes place continually through the translation process, greatly increasing the accuracy of the final translation. And, translated Scriptures are backed up and stored in the cloud so no enemy can confiscate or destroy the work.

The Cost

Do you feel led to give a gift of $19,500 to launch a Bible translation?

Please prayerfully consider giving generously to help national Bible translators share God’s Word with their own people in the language of their heart.