The Setting

From Africa to the Middle East, radical terrorists have God’s people in their sights. Violence is escalating in many regions of the world. Believers are crying out to have Scripture in their mother tongue. They need to hear those precious words of forgiveness and healing, of peace and strength, and of courage and help in the midst of their struggles.

The Crisis

In places hostile to faith, sharing the gospel, working on Bible translation efforts, or simply carrying Scripture can trigger intense persecution—and even death.  A Bible in their hands is like a target on their backs.

The Need

Around the world, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones are so commonplace that few authorities scrutinize what people are doing on their personal devices. Wycliffe Associates is adding Bible translation software and other helpful applications to laptops and tablets and then providing them to brave national Christians who are ready to translate Scripture into their heart language.

In the midst of the pandemic and intense persecution, national Bible translators need to be equipped with the technology that will give them everything necessary to do Bible translation for their people—so that the work continues even when we cannot meet in person!

The Opportunity

Wycliffe Associates’ program, Technology for National Translators (TNTs), provides local believers and church members with laptops to translate the Bible any time and any place without anyone else knowing!

This high-tech tool helps believers hide Scripture translation efforts in plain sight.

And with this technology, national Bible translators are empowered using Virtual MAST (V-MAST). The MAST method can be learned and used remotely—a local translation team and Wycliffe Associates facilitators can work together without even being in the same location. The laptops are now equipped so Bible translation can be done online, and the translators have access to an entire library of translation tools. Translations can be safely uploaded to the internet; Christians are persecuted, but their work need not be lost.

The Cost

Your gift of just $1,500 will place a laptop computer loaded with Bible translation applications in the hands of a local believer who is already crying out for help.

Will you help us provide laptops, complete with translation tools and full access to the translation library, to local believers in strategic locations around the world?

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