The Setting

Bible translators need your help today in parts of the world so dangerous that we cannot publicly name them. Some of these areas are extremely volatile—places where translators, support teams, and Christians are risking their lives to share God’s Word with a world in need.

When we think of what is happening in some countries—Christians being tortured and murdered, believers being persecuted and driven from their homes—we know that only God’s Word can change their world.

The Crisis

Before us is the challenge of hundreds of languages without Scripture—representing millions of people who have never known the transforming power of God’s Word . . . all over the New Frontiers area.

Radicals. Born into terrorism. Living in the Middle East and Central Asia. Having encountered the living Word, they are transformed. Now oppressed, living in fear of being found out by the authorities.

First generation believers. Risking their lives to live what they believe. Willing to do whatever it takes to bring God’s Word to their own people in their heart language.

The Need

These brave believers need technology, training, and resources to translate God’s Word as quickly and as effectively as possible. National men and women are passionate about bringing the truth and hope of God’s Word to their own communities—doing whatever it takes no matter the cost.

Maybe most astonishing of all, national translators are already serving. They don’t have the support they need, but they are ready to start on 10 languages.

The Opportunity

We have multiple projects underway in this vast, sprawling region. Bundled together, we call them Scriptures for New Frontiers.

Your support for Scriptures for New Frontiers will provide resources like:

  • Open source Bible translation technology
  • Digital Scripture distribution
  • Training to support national-led translation efforts
  • And more—to empower local underground translators

The Cost

These are critical needs for you to consider supporting—financially and prayerfully—today. It will take $195,000 to translate Scripture for these 10 languages.

We urge you to join them through your prayers and gifts. For the sake of these translators as well as those hungering for God’s Word, please give a generous contribution today to ensure that this life-transforming work continues.

Your generosity will share the gift of God’s Word with countless multitudes of people in grave need of the gospel in one of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth.

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