The Setting

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a poor, tropical, mountainous nation where hundreds of language groups still have yet to hear about God’s grace and peace. Without a single word of Scripture in their heart language, they live in darkness.

The Crisis

Deep in the jungles of PNG there is a constant struggle between the light and spiritual darkness. It’s a reality that people in this part of the world are familiar with intimately.

The Need

Entire villages have been trapped by sorcery, witchcraft, and violence for generations. Without Scripture in their heart language, these hurting, remote villagers remain in utter spiritual darkness and hopelessness. God’s Word is their only hope.

The Opportunity

All of the people in PNG need to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. God has not given up on them. He has opened the door for Wycliffe Associates to help launch new Bible translation projects. They are ready now. We need your help today.

Giving a man, woman, or child the Scriptures in their own language is like giving them their very breath. They inhale it. They take it into their entire being like their life depends on it. Their eternity depends on it!

The Cost

Wycliffe Associates can begin to provide resources for language groups in PNG as soon as the funds are raised.  That is, we can equip Christians with training, with computers, software, a satellite uplink, access to Bible translation resources, and an entire online community of helpers. All, so the local church can render the Scriptures accurately into their own heart language and share God’s Word with their people.

To provide the resources they need, the cost to begin translation in a language group is $19,500.

The Results

One of the translation team leaders shared that in Papua New Guinea, over 80% of the country is without electricity. Providing solar panels with the tablets is a game changer. Without this, teams would not have the ability to consistently charge or use the tablets provided. Projects have  been sustained by this initiative. “In the daytime, we charge, and in the night we translate. We use solar lights and tablets to work late into the night,” the team leader said.

The tech training is very effective. Most of the people in PNG have very limited tech experience and the software is very simple for our translators to work with. They have it easy using the tablets to type and using other  tools. Without the tech training, these projects would not be able to move forward.

Whatever the Lord speaks to your heart to give, please respond as quickly as possible. Because translation teams are ready, and millions in PNG need to experience God’s Word in the language of their heart.