The Setting

Millions of people around the world, children and adults alike, don’t have one verse of Scripture in their own language. All too often they also don’t have access to clean water to drink, let alone for cooking or bathing. No one can live without fresh, clean water.

In many areas, it’s impossible for Bible translators to continue their work because water is so unavailable. Where translators are able to work at all, their work is slowed down by the ceaseless quest—the desperate need for clean water.

The Crisis

This is far more than just a problem for translation teams, however. Accessing clean water is a life-or-death struggle for the multitudes of people, only able to find river water that’s filthy, disease ridden, in some cases hours from homes—often can only be reached on foot. We are trying to reach them with God’s Word—and many are losing the battle. “It’s hard to share the hope of the gospel when they’re dying of physical thirst,” said one of our volunteers.

The Opportunity

Wycliffe Associates launched an aggressive global campaign to provide clean water for millions of people in crisis. This enables Bible translators to work in areas where they never could gain access before. A clean water source becomes a hub for an entire community . . . a place where newly translated Scripture can be shared.

Once the community leaders determine their needs, Wycliffe Associates staff and volunteers train participants to drill wells, hand-dig wells, build and maintain well pumps, construct water towers and distribution systems.

The Cost

Our prayer is that caring friends like you will donate funds for the villages where Bible translators and entire communities are in dire need for clean water. Imagine villagers gathering to get water and hearing biblical truths in their language while waiting.

Would you please prayerfully give a special gift today. Any gift you give will help provide life-giving clean water—along with Living Water.