The Setting

At this very moment in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, families are short of food, out of money, and their children are hungry. Villages have been struck by disaster, disease, drought, or flooding. There are areas where violence, persecution, and war have taken a terrible toll. Livestock killed off or dead from starvation. The families suffer, including families of believers, pastors, and Bible translators.

The Crises

One of the major challenges in Bible translation is, due to economic instability, translators are moving to the city to find jobs. That means Bible translation slows, even becoming stagnant. Many translation projects have come to a halt. The volunteer national Bible translators have been provided training, all the necessary technology, and resources—but that does not feed their families when disaster causes such deep poverty.

The Need

Without food or a source of income, our Bible translation partners are struggling to survive. The national translators dream of completing the Bible translation in the language of their people. Now some national Bible translators face a painful struggle. They can’t keep devoting themselves to translation work. With the loss of their livestock, they’re scrambling just to keep themselves and their families alive.

The Opportunity

Bible translation is at risk for multiple language groups. That’s hundreds of thousands of people without God’s Word in their heart languages. . . but, humble farm animals—a few chickens, a couple goats or pigs—can make all the difference.

The Cost

This is not a temporary solution. Your generosity will provide not only farm animals for Bible translators, but also food and shelter for the animals while helping establish dependable income. And as God’s Word is translated and shared, churches will be born, villages transformed. But they can’t survive without farm animals. Your gift can change that and empower them to keep translating God’s Word for their people.

Please give generously to help provide the much needed farm animals for national Bible translators in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The Results

The first phase of farm animal project has been completed in Kenya! Some of the chickens will feed national Bible translation families while others will be kept as laying hens for eggs and for reproduction so their chickens will continue to feed them ongoing.

The national Bible translators that come to the translation center receive instruction in ways to raise their animals. Pray for wisdom and understanding as preparations are made to send brood stock home with them in the months to come!

Pray for success as the sugar cane crops grow and mature to support Bible translation teams in an Asian country! The fourth phase of the farm animal project there began this month. Pray for success in raising the new piglets that were purchased!