The Setting

In a beautiful mountain country in Asia, a missionary was visiting an ancient temple when the earthquake began to shake the ground under his feet. Homes were destroyed and entire villages were wiped out. Far away, a young woman in an African village opened the door of her home to local believers arriving for fellowship, prayer, and praise. That night terrorists forced their way in and slaughtered her husband, the pastor/Bible translator, and believers in front of this mother and her children. On an Island country east of Africa, a group of translators unloaded boxes containing the Print On Demand equipment—their translated Scriptures were waiting to be printed. The day came to set-up the equipment and be trained in its use, but the power went out due to heavy rains. Rains so heavy that the entire city flooded as well as the surrounding area of farms and gardens.

The Crises

Did you know that millions of people around the world still wait for God’s Word to be translated into their languages? They yearn for Scripture in their heart language. Millions of Christians live in areas of severe persecution. Believers live in places where terrorists invade their villages, burning homes and churches, killing whomever they choose. All around the world there are devastating circumstances, horrific epidemics, floods, earthquakes, and starvation threatening to halt the precious work of Bible translation. National Bible translators cry out for help.

The Need

All the world ‘round people live in dire situations. They need the comfort and encouragement that God’s Word offers. They need Scripture in their own heart language, so they can read and hear that the Lord God is with them in all situations. Suffering people need the comfort that only the Lord gives. Bible translation must go on even during the months of quarantine, with jobs lost, and starvation. There are so many people traumatized and deeply depressed when they have no work, no place to live in safety, and when food sources are destroyed. How can the national Bible translators continue their work when living in dire situations? They need our help.

The Opportunity

Wycliffe Associates created the Emergency 911 Fund for the purpose of offering aid to missionaries and national Bible translators when they desperately need assistance. Sometimes evacuation is needed. Often, homes need repair or rebuilding. Many need food and clean water. Please watch this short video of Gypsy national Bible translators saying thank you for your concern and support for them as they learned to translate God’s Word into their language.

The Cost

Our teams are grief-stricken. Beyond tears, they pray, in pain. Heartbroken. In despair. We want to stand with those most directly impacted. National Bible translators, their families, as well as others whether fleeing a war zone seeking safe shelter or burdened during a pandemic seeking food and basic necessities. Will you give generously to keep the Emergency 911 Fund ready to assist quickly when tragedy occurs? Please pray for the national Bible translators worldwide carrying on with their work, in spite of risks. Pray fervently that the fruit of their work will be transformed lives—because the Word of God is in the heart language. Will you give to keep Bible translation advancing around the entire world?

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