The Setting

They are believers. They live in the most remote regions on the planet. They don’t know much about Jesus—just enough to know they need to learn and understand more.

Others live alone in communities among those who persecute believers in Jesus. They’ve been persecuted for their faith. They need, desperately need, words of encouragement—words from Scripture. They need God’s Word.

The Crisis

Many communities around the world are beyond reach physically. We’ve discovered language groups isolated in faraway places. In the mountains, in jungles. They have no Bible in their heart language. We can’t reach them physically because the terrain is so rugged, so daunting—no infrastructure, no roads, no access.

Many believers, even churches are far away beyond borders where governments are so repressive that no Christian, no American can travel there. Even the Internet is monitored. If we connect—they are at risk.

The Need

Wycliffe Associates has what they need—a way for them to translate the Bible into their own heart language. They’ve never even heard of Bible translation. They don’t even know that they can be Bible translators. But many are somewhat connected to the world by listening to the radio!

The Opportunity

Wycliffe Associates has created radio programming for Bible Translation and ministry support to send to the most remote places on earth. To the ends of the earth! Using old fashioned radio! It’s a communication technology 70 years older than Wycliffe Associates.

Broadcasting Bible Translation has already proven effective in “test runs” in a few countries. One pilot location, in Uganda, made their first broadcast and immediately following it they had a caller from a very persecuted language group who said they had no Bible in their language. From that first broadcast four language groups started their Bible translations. Subsequently, four more language groups responded and want to begin Bible translation in their languages!

By the end of the year, they progressed to using TV and are launching a YouTube channel to communicate Bible Translation into the hinterlands of their country and countries around them.

Workers are ready to begin Bible Translation and support broadcasts in 35 languages.

The Cost

Millions are still waiting to experience God’s Word in their heart language. Today you may become the fulfillment of Christ’s promise in Acts 1:8

You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria,
and to the ends of the earth.

Will you pray today and give whatever you can to Broadcasting Bible Translation “to the ends of the earth?”