Nearly 2,000 languages have no alphabet. They are not written languages. Large populations of people live in oral communities where their language is only spoken. Jesus died for them too! We can’t just leave them behind—they need God’s Word!

Wycliffe Associates is determined to reach them using the newly developed Bible Translation Recording Kit (BTRK). National Bible translators can use this new equipment and software to translate God’s Word into oral languages—using our MAST strategy.

Each kit includes a computer tablet, translation and recording software, and a microphone. And the cost is just $500 per kit.

God has not forgotten anyone. With your help, the truth will reach those with unwritten languages and those who cannot read their written language in a form they can understand—the spoken word.

Whatever you can do today, you’ll be sharing God’s Word with multitudes of people who may never be able to read a Bible in their heart language because their heart language is a spoken language.