The Setting 

Nearly 2,000 languages have no alphabet. They are not written languages—they are only spoken. Large populations of people around the world live in communities where their language is only spoken.

These are storytelling cultures, listening cultures. These cultures are often hidden in the farthest reaches, in the jungles, on mountains, and deep behind the borders of repressive governments.

The Crisis

They’ve spent all of history in spiritual darkness. Other language groups look down on them as an “inferior” spoken-only culture.

God has not forgotten anyone. Jesus died for people in oral cultures, too! We can’t just leave them behind—they need God’s Word!

Now they can step into the light of God’s love with your help. The truth will reach those with unwritten languages and those who cannot read their written language in a form they can understand—the spoken word.

The Need

This is such an incredible breakthrough for entire people groups who have never heard God’s Word in their heart language.

Think about the potential of giving Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs) to national translation teams.

When given the tools they need to translate the Word of God into their own heart language—after generations of delay—they are eager to get started.

Believers in oral cultures can now be Bible translators, too. The truth of God’s Word can now reach their communities when they listen and understand the words of Scripture recorded in their  spoken-only language.

The Opportunity

Wycliffe Associates is determined to serve these national Bible translators with training in a Church Owned Bible Translation workshop and by providing Bible Translation Recording Kits (BTRKs). National Bible translators can use this equipment and software to translate God’s Word into oral languages—using our MAST method.

Bible Translation Recording Kits are helpful to those with written languages as well. Bible Translation Recording Kits also help us reach countless millions of people who have a written language, but who can’t read. In other words, this kit is a breakthrough of colossal proportions.

The Cost

Each kit will include a laptop computer, a microphone, specialized Bible translation recording software—a system that a Bible translator can easily learn to use. A BTRK costs $2,000.

Whatever you can do today, you’ll be sharing God’s Word with multitudes of people who may never be able to read a Bible in their heart language because their heart language is a spoken only language.

Many national Bible translators are so excited that they can’t wait—they go home from the translation workshop each evening and play the day’s newly recorded audio Scriptures to their family and friends around the fire. The impact of your gift today will be immediate. Thank you again for your help. God bless you for it!

The Results

“We are deeply grateful for the translation support. We believers are having difficulty in Bible translation. However we are now able to overcome the challenge and difficulty through oral translation . . . Thank you so much for the tablets because they enable us to record our voices instead of writing on paper, thus making it easier for us. We would like to express our gratitude and also testify that the tablets are tremendously helpful in our work. May God bless Wycliffe Associates!”

—a Bible translation partner in Asia whose language is primarily spoken rather than written

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