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Director of Events - Southwest United States - 4013

Short Description:

The Events Area Director's role, as organizer and facilitator of the Banquet program, is a key part of the ministry of Wycliffe Associates. This program is often the first exposure that individuals have to the ministry of Wycliffe Associates. As Area Director, this position must inform, challenge, and motivate individuals to serve the worldwide needs of Bible translation through giving, praying, and volunteering in full or part-time ministry. The Area Director position requires one to practice the highest levels of discipline, detail, and thoroughness.



1.   Have a personal, maturing relationship with Jesus Christ.

2.   Have a passion for the ministry of Wycliffe Associates and have a genuine caring for all

3.   Demonstrate and exemplify the role of a servant leader.

4.   A two or four year educational degree or higher is desirable.

5.   A  minimum  of  5  years'  experience  in  event  planning  and/or  fund-raising  strategies 
is desirable.

6.   Have basic computer skills, including Microsoft Office.

7.   Be able to learn/use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

8.   Have  the  ability  to  work  independently,  require  minimal  direct  supervision,  and 
meet deadlines.

9.   Have the proven ability to work with peers, office staff, and management.

10. Possess an active, up-to-date driver's license, and have a good driving record.

11. Have  the  ability  to  comfortably  speak  publicly,  and  positively  articulate  the 
ministry  of Wycliffe Associates, leading others to joyfully participate in Wycliffe Associates'

12. Have the ability to make and receive a high volume of phone calls to a) recruit team members,

b) negotiate and secure venues, and c) receive banquet reservations.

13. Have the ability to travel extensively in the Spring and Fall and other times during the year,

as required.

14. Be able to obtain a U.S. passport and travel overseas, as required.

15. Have no physical lifting limitations, as significant lifting is required.

Job Requirements:

1.   Identify all event locations and negotiate pricing, terms, and requirements. With the

location's responsible representative, sign the contract that has resulted from the negotiation

2.   Recruit and train 15 Team Members per Banquet, including a coordinator/contact person.

3.   Hold 25 Team Meetings and 25 Banquet Events each Spring and Fall.

4.   Must meet all expense guidelines, provide monthly reports, and operate within the assigned
expense budget.

5.   Must meet or exceed the financial objectives for each Banquet tour.

6.   Keep all records and files complete and up to date.

7.   Keep supplies, equipment, and Wycliffe Associates van clean and in excellent working order,

making sure all maintenance, including the mileage log, is kept up to date.

Wycliffe Associates

makes employment decisions in accordance with applicable federal and state

employment laws and regulations. As a religious organization, we are entitled

to make employment decisions on the basis of religious beliefs and practices of

the applicant or employee.