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Living Translation—Their Stories!  Written by Dr. Bruce A. Smith, President/CEO of Wycliffe Associates

When was the last time you saw a miracle?

Scratching your head . . . or maybe you’re already skeptical?

The pages of Bruce’s latest book are full of documented miracles happening every day—the power of God moving through ordinary men and women all around the world.

Their stories begin with desperation, and the struggle and perseverance these national translators show is guaranteed to inspire. . . . these are the least of these. Humble people—largely unknown to anyone else in the world. People hungry for God’s Word. People willing to risk everything, sacrifice their own ambitions, to be able to read Scripture in their heart language . . . stopping at nothing until they hold the precious Word of God—in their language—for the very first time.

From the mountainous expanse of Asia, across the deserts of Africa, to the plains and grasslands of South America, Dr. Bruce A. Smith details the stories—the miracles—of national translators, in gripping detail that will stir your heart and convict you deeply of God’s active work. And you will rejoice over what He is doing through His Church today.

Miracles are happening in hundreds of churches right now—these are “Their Stories”!

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“This eloquent, simple, and yet poignant account of the revolution taking place in the world of Bible translation will challenge and inspire you. A real treasure of a book.” – Efi Tembon, General Director of the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL)

“MAST is a must if we consider Bible translation as a mission to reach the lost and to nurture believers. I hope this book would inspire many people to join the Bible translation movement, and speed God’s Word to the nations.” – Woyita W. Olla, Ph.D., Chairman of Wycliffe Ethiopia Board, Deputy General Secretary of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church