In the region of isolated island chains, the extreme terrain is matched only by the desperate poverty and hopelessness of the local people.

So many men and women are trapped in the intense grip of spiritual bondage, unable to find freedom or even answers through their traditional animistic worship.

Despite the hardship and spiritual battles, local believers and national Bible translators are bringing hope and light into the darkness. The power of God’s Word—translated into local languages and dialects—is setting the captive free, and bringing that which was dead back to life.

With the right resources, nothing can stop these faithful pastors and believers from seeing the Scriptures translated into their heart languages.

A Personal Testimony: Kiung

“My spells could keep you alive or bring you death . . . then I found Christ!”

I was the village medicine man—my incantations and spells could keep you alive or bring you death. I thought I was a powerful man.

But in spite of my so-called power, I was empty inside. It was something that even my potions couldn’t fill, so I started to try out the local church too. And because I felt comfortable in my own strength, I thought I could just follow all of the church rules, sing all the songs, attend the meetings, and I would maybe have a chance at going to heaven.


Then I heard a pastor teach about Jesus—from the Scriptures in my heart language, Patpatar, and my world was forever changed. I learned that it is only by the work of Jesus that I am saved. He did everything for me!

I renounced witchcraft and gave my life to Christ. Now I am a pastor! It is because we have God’s Word in our language that we can grow spiritually, worshipping the one true God.

—Kiung, Papua New Guinea

* Photo is not of the actual person.

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