The continent of Africa is said to represent nearly one-third of the world’s languages!

Within a few hundred miles, multiple language groups live side by side . . . each needing their own translation of God’s Word.

With the close proximity of these language groups, the news is spreading that communities are experiencing the power of God’s Word in their local language.

Demand for the truth is rising!

As we partner with local churches, more national Bible translators are rising up to lead their villages in translation projects so they, too, can hold the Scriptures in their hands and experience the life-giving power of God’s Word.

A Personal Testimony: Eunice*

“Tears streaming down my face, I finally understood the Word of God.”

I love going to church. I love the singing and the dancing, and I have a strong desire to follow Jesus and to study His Word. But the Bibles in my church were in English, and I don’t speak or read English.

I felt like something was missing for me.

I heard my pastor tell me about the power of God’s Word and how when we read God’s Word it speaks to us. But my heart was sad because I knew I wouldn’t be able to experience this.


Then one day I arrived at church to see everyone waiting in great anticipation. I was told that we had received copies of the Bible in our language. My heart lept with joy!

As our pastor began to read the Scripture in my language, a wave of emotion hit me. I began to weep as I felt the power of hearing God’s Word in my language, for the first time! With tears streaming down my face, I finally understood the Word of God. And I felt what it was like for the Scriptures to speak to me personally.

I tell everyone this was the first day I had really been to church.

—Eunice*, Cameroon

* Name changed for security reasons. Photo is not of the actual person.

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