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Each of the projects included here makes it possible for millions of people to read the Scriptures in their heart language–many hearing stories of Jesus for the first time! Select where you want to partner with national Bible translators and which projects you wish to support. Whatever you choose will touch the lives of men, women, and children who live beyond the reach of the hands and voices of Christians today. As you consider how to participate in this vital ministry, listen for God's leading. Through your gift-giving, lives will be changed for eternity.

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MAST Program

The MAST Program of Bible translation is being requested by national church leaders around the world. Click "Learn More" to find out why!

Tablets for National Translators

From Africa to the Middle East, radical terrorists have God’s people in their sights. Violence is escalating in many regions of the world. Click "Learn More" to see the solution for national Bible translators.

Scriptures for New Frontiers

When we think of what is happening in some countries—Christians being tortured and murdered, believers being persecuted and driven from their homes—we know that only God's Word can change their world. Click "Learn More" to see what you can do in this needy area of the world.

Print On Demand

In countries where Christians are persecuted, arrested, and hunted down, the church is in hiding. Bible translators must meet in secret. In secret they ask us for Print On Demand (POD) systems. Click on "Learn More" to see what the POD systems are all about.

Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAKs)

National Bible translators in remote regions of the world are facing incredible dangers. But they are not alone! Click "Learn More" to see how Wycliffe Associates is using new Bible Translation Acceleration Kits (BTAKs) to train and equip national translators.

PNG Advance

Deep in the jungles, there is a constant struggle between the light and spiritual darkness. It’s a reality that people in this area are familiar with intimately. Click "Learn More" to see how you can help bring them God’s Word—their only hope.

Operation Clean Water

Millions of people around the world don’t have clean water to drink. You can help give them the desperately needed gift of clean water—and along the way, give them the life-giving gift of God’s Word in their own language.

Bible Translation Safe Haven Center

Courageous national Bible translators need a safe haven. Click "Learn More" to see where they can carry on.

Bible Translation Recording Kits - BTRKs

Nearly 2,000 languages have no alphabet. They are not written languages. Large populations of people live in oral communities where their language is only spoken. Jesus died for them too! We can't just leave them behind—they need God's Word!

Southern Africa Advance

God opens the door. Click "Learn More" to see how God opens the door for hundreds of language groups that need to start Bible translation.

Ethiopia Advance

National Bible translators in Ethiopia are pressing on toward their goal of translating God’s Word into 15 languages for their people. Click “Learn More” to see how you can help them.

DRC Advance

DRC Advance—Bible translations on hold. Believers still wait for God's Word in their language. Click "Learn More" to see how you can help bring technology and training to launch Bible translation in DRC.