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Ethiopia Advance

Ethiopia Advance

The Setting—In Ethiopia, opposition to God’s Word is fierce. National Bible translators face intense spiritual warfare at every step, and there is always the constant threat of war, famine, disease, and social chaos. In an area wracked by violence and crippled by poverty, Ethiopian believers are not asking for food or water, clothing or shelter. They are asking us to help them give God’s translated Word to their people.

The Crisis—The Church is growing fast. But the people and their leaders are painfully aware that having God’s Word in their own heart language is absolutely essential for evangelism, for discipleship, for the Church to take the lead in dealing with humanitarian crises and fighting back against false doctrines.

They are doing their best to minister to their own countrymen—but they’re working in their second language or in some cases their third language. They’ve never seen a Bible in the language they grew up with—the language they think in, dream in, and pray in!

The Need—There is no way they could assemble a Bible translation workshop on their own. They need computer tablets, loaded with our translation software, and the training to use them. They need a safe place to work. They need help with travel, meals, shelter, and the basics of life while the work is going forward. These are people living in abject poverty—the average Ethiopian lives on barely a dollar a day. They need our help.

The Opportunity—“Please give us the translation tools we need,” they pleaded when they heard about the collaborative MAST method of Bible translation. They knew it was right for them. MAST would give them all they need to translate God’s Word for themselves—into 15 languages. God is at work in Ethiopia.

The Cost—Our role—and yours—is to raise a total of $300,000. These gifts will help provide translation software, computer tablets, printing equipment, training, and travel expenses for these national translators. Then they can get on with their work—making God’s Word available to millions who have never heard it in the language of their heart.

Ethiopia Advance

Ethiopia Advance

Amid spiritual warfare and violence, Ethiopian Bible translators are pressing on to translate the Bible into 15 languages.

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