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DRC Advance

DRC Advance

The Setting—The MAST* Bible translation workshop brought together men and women from five different tribes in Africa's Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The tension was so high you could feel the hostility in the air. Distrust, resentment, anger. They were ordinary people scarred by the decades of war and violence. Each one had suffered extreme losses. Generations of tribal violence—civil war, rape, murder. People hunted like animals. Torture, mutilation, kidnapping, executions. Fear and anger and utter, total despair. They wonder every day—will anything ever be different?

Could they work together? When they could hardly shake hands or share meals? It soon became evident that the Holy Spirit was also present. As the national Bible translators began working their way through Scriptures, passage by passage, God's Word began to take hold in their hearts.

The translators encountered God's Word in the language of their hearts for the very first time. They came together in joy, unified by a common purpose: to translate God's Word and glorify Him. Together they celebrated Jesus.

The Crisis—But at this moment, because of lack of funding, we have actually been forced to slow down our work in the DRC on translation of the Scriptures into multiple languages. More than 50 languages are on hold. This means millions of people are still waiting for God's Word.

The Need—The spiritual need of the DRC is not only that lost people need Christ. There are multitudes of Christians in the DRC who have never been able to truly understand the Scriptures—because they don't have God's Word in their heart language. They urgently want to know what the Bible says. They want to know how to live for Christ.

The Opportunity—Today we have a near miraculous opportunity to bring the lifesaving truth of God's Word to the war-torn, violence-ravaged DRC and begin Bible translations for more than 50 language groups.

The Christians of the DRC are begging for help. They desperately want to translate God's Word for their own people—their family, their friends, their brothers and sisters. Pastors are actually pleading for us to train them, so they can lead MAST workshops themselves.

This, in fact, is the only safe, sustainable way forward—because this region is so dangerous and unpredictable for outsiders.

The Cost—God has given Wycliffe Associates the strategy. God has set the stage. Workers are available, right now. National Bible translators are ready and waiting to begin! The work can go forward faster than it ever could have before . . . IF we can provide the training and technology.

All it takes is $19,500 to provide all the technology and training to complete a New Testament translation—and once the translators begin, the MAST strategy will enable Bible translators to accelerate their work.

Please help share God's Word with the people of DRC—to set them free from vicious tribal conflict and violence. He is a mighty God and will use your heartfelt gift to calm angry hearts and save the many lives.

*Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation (MAST) is a proven, rapid-translation strategy where multiple teams of national translators work side by side to translate books of the Bible simultaneously, at an accelerated pace.

DRC Advance

DRC Advance

Will you help bring the lifesaving truth of God's Word to the war-torn, violence-ravaged DRC and begin Bible translations for more than 50 language groups?

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