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DRC Advance

DRC Advance

The Setting—For so long, the people of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have known only violence, civil war, and corruption. There could be pages filled with their horror stories: rape, mutilation, mass murder, disease, hunger. It's a picture of pain, suffering, trauma, and hopelessness. Hundreds of communities desperately need God's love, and healing, and hope. People—hundreds of thousands of people—need God's precious Word in their heart languages. Now.

The Crisis—The problem is enormous. Nothing has helped. Not money. Not humanitarian aid. Nothing. In the midst of it all, Christians are praying. Right now there is a lull in the violence, and workers are available. Christians of the DRC are begging for this opportunity not to be missed. They know they need God's Word translated into the heart languages of the Congo.

The Need—Missionaries tell us again and again that conflict subsides when people begin to absorb the Word of God in their own heart languages. The Bible must be translated into all languages of the DRC by trained national translators. Some language groups exist in extremely hard-to-reach areas where it is impossible for foreigners to venture.

With DRC as one of the highest translation needs areas, the most effective way to accelerate Bible translation is by equipping and empowering nationals in every level of the Bible translation projects—including a training center that provides the necessary space to successfully facilitate this method of Bible translation.

The Opportunity—We have a near-miraculous opportunity to establish a permanent, national Bible translation training center right in the midst of violence-ravaged, war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo. Wycliffe Associates knows how to accomplish this—we've been building translation centers and housing around the world for 50 years—all with the prayers and financial support of our volunteers, prayer partners, and donors.

We know how the Word of God changes things—and changes people. We know what God can do when His Word is available to people in the language of their hearts. Now the time is right to provide the people of the DRC a place to work, a place to receive training, and to translate the Bible into their own languages. Will you help these hurting people by partnering with Wycliffe Associates to bring about the Bible translation training center? You can make a positive impact by giving generously.

DRC Advance

DRC Advance

Will you help bring the healing Word of God to the people of the DRC and help build a Bible translation training center?

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