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Bible Translation Safe Haven Center

Bible Translation Safe Haven Center

The Setting—In some countries around the world, governments and traditional religious leaders are extremely hostile to Christianity. Multitudes of people throughout the region are desperately hungry for the truth, but to translate and distribute the Scriptures is to risk persecution, arrest, prison, or worse.

The Crisis—The national translators who are still free are resolutely determined to carry on the work of Bible translation, for the sake of sharing the gospel with their family, friends, and neighbors.

The Need—These courageous translators simply cannot work safely in their own communities any longer. They are under intense scrutiny, they're suffering persecution, and they risk the same fate as those who have already been taken by the authorities. They need a safe haven.

The Opportunity—We have located a safe place. We can establish a place of refuge for Bible translators. Here they will not only be able to work (and more effectively than ever in continuous collaboration), but also rest, receive training, and perhaps most important of all, worship together in peace. If other national translators are driven out of their communities, they can escape here, recharge their batteries, and continue the work the Lord has called them to do.

The Cost—It will take $189,200 to equip this facility as a Bible translation safe haven center. This budget will not only outfit the facility with necessary training tools, technology, and supplies, but also with Print On Demand equipment which will enable translators to immediately print the Scriptures as well as evangelism and discipleship materials for their language communities.

     * Names and Photos are changed to protect identity

Bible Translation Safe Haven Center

Bible Translation Safe Haven Center

We have located a safe place where we can establish a place of refuge for Bible translators to rest, work, receive training, and worship together in peace.

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