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Movement Officer - 886832


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Wycliffe Associates personnel are now operating in almost every continent of the world. Each location Wycliffe Associates personnel travel to, has its overt or underlying level of risk and hazards to both Wycliffe Associates personnel and the people we serve. The risks and threat to our personnel on the ground has never been as prominent and extreme as it is now. With each location within towns and cities having their own unique risks in relation to their current situation which changes daily. It is important that Wycliffe Associates Security Team know where every one of our people are at any given time and have means of communication with them. One of the most vulnerable times for our people is when they are in transit. In the event of a security crisis the security team should have a point of reference that allows them to see where our people our in relation to the security crisis or increasing security threat and have means to quickly notify them of such. The Movement Specialist will play a critical role in the daily operations of WA


The Movement Specialist would be responsible for the following: • Monitoring all Wycliffe Associates Personnel Travel • Monitoring all Wycliffe Associates Visas types in relation to their travel • Monitoring current security situations both current and future implications which would affect travelling WA Personnel and communicating these situations to relevant parties. • Liaise and conference with other security partners on a regular basis. • Foster the relationship within each operational department within WA and communicate the movement specialist role to each department and their obligations notifying the movements of their personnel to the movements specialist. • Pursuing and learning all facets of the Wycliffe Associates Department Operations and tools. • Maintain relationships and links within the various security networks that Wycliffe Associates is currently connected to via WA Security Officer. • Keep abreast of global current affairs on a daily basis and identify any hazards or risks that could affect WA Personnel who are travelling. • Complete security training and any training required for them to fulfil their role.