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Do you have a passion for God's Word in the original languages and desire to equip the global church for excellence in Bible translation? We need editors to help develop a free and open English-Greek lexicon. Those with three or more years of NT Greek who are conversant with lexicography.


In order to have a free, open source, open licensed and unrestricted English-Greek New Testament lexicon to use as an aid in Bible translation, we are updating Abbott-Smith's "A Manual Greek Lexicon" to bring it in line with modern lexicography, included full definitions (in addition to glosses). The long term goal is an advanced learner's corpus driven lexicon for NT Greek. We are looking for volunteers who will be able to join us in this endeavor and help in the following ways:

1. Read through lexical entries in certain required English-Greek lexica, culling the best information and writing new entries which will be used in this new English-Greek lexicon and which will then be made available to translate into other world languages as a free resource for Bible translation.

2. Proofread entries as above, written by other editors.

3. Enter and/or proofread all required data for lexical entries (such as principal parts, etymology, LXX usage, synonyms, antonyms, Strong's numbers, number of occurrences, etc.)

4. Proofread for formatting of entries.

5. Determine which NT usages serve as examples for the given senses of a lexeme and enter references in the lexical entry.

Three or more years of NT Greek (preferably MA, ThM or PhD); conversant with issues in modern NT textual criticism; experience using spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets).

We are seeking a mature believer who has extensive experience in Bible study; has a heart for world missions and the edification of the global church; familiar with current biblical reference materials (including Study Bibles, commentaries, Greek and Hebrew texts, lexica and grammars depending on the project); works well with others as a team; can write clearly and is open to having their work edited and corrected; proficiency in typing; willing to learn new online programs and collaboration tools; follows directions well; pays attention to details; able to explain complicated concepts in simplified language; good interpersonal relationship skills; sticks to deadlines and can see a large project through to the end; serves not for monetary pay but for the spread of God's Word; has formal theological education.