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OBS Artwork Artist - 886251


From Home

Short Description:

The Artist will be responsible for drawing and editing the pictures used by Global Recordings Network Bible Story series. This individual will need to maintain communications with GRN as they work through the picture set and adjust the artwork as outlined by GRN.


There is an immediate need for an artist who can take the current set of Open Bible Stories artwork and redraw it based on a set of standards identified to make the pictures more culturally appropriate for Southern Africa and Madagascar. This individual would work with a partner organization in support of projects needed. This position can work from home at any location. To communicate with the partner organization, the individual should to be able to communicate in English. Critical performance would include reviewing the set of pictures needed, redrawing each picture based on a new set of standards (simple pictures, bold outlines, few colors, and full body figures), submitting work for review (upload digitally) and editing pictures based on feedback from partner organization. Global Recordings Network: (a) develops audio and audiovisual discipleship materials for non-reading communities; (b) provides advice to outreach groups and missionaries about countries and languages available; (c) shares ideas about strategies to implement in the field in order to enhance Bible engagement in communities; (d) hosts a database on information about languages and titles produced in each language (6000+ languages); and (e) is available online with free downloadable audio programs for PC and cellphone via and