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Language Recording Technician - 885295



Short Description:

Is God calling you to fill this need? The language recordist will be responsible for planning, recording, and editing the Global Recordings Network program series. In addition they will be responsible for completing evaluation and information sheets to accompany every recording as well as establish and maintain viable communication.


There is an immediate need for a language recordist in Southern Africa. This individual would serve with partner organizations in support of projects needed. This position will require some travel to the countries in South Africa where the translation projects are located, including Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and the Indian Ocean Islands including the Seychelles. Training will be offered (if necessary).

The infrastructure contains a fixed component recording facility, including computer for editing, mix down, re-working, upgrading and archiving (has professional sound card and software), GRID, WAV/MP3-converter, software for word processing, emails, and administration. The product output results in quality audio recordings in applicable formats.

Critical performance would include (1) research on languages in the geographical area, (2) program development, training, and administration, (3) recording, editing, and mastering/archiving, and (4) developing and maintaining a communication network. Of the above 4 CPA's #3 is the most important.

Global Network Recordings:

(a) develops audio and audiovisual discipleship materials for non-reading communities;

(b) provides advice to outreach groups and missionaries about countries and languages available;

(c) shares ideas about strategies to implement in the field in order to enhance Bible engagement in communities;

(d) hosts a database on information about languages and titles produced in each language (6000+ languages); and

(e) is available online with free downloadable audio programs for PC and cellphone via