Banquet Host

Eric Ogren, Northwest Area Director

"It has been my privilege to see God's hand at work throughout the world," shares Eric Ogren, "whether with the natives in Alaska, the tropical third world in Samoa, or just across the border in Mexican orphanages. In each case, knowing the language, whether it is the one bringing the message or the one receiving, plays a clear role in reaching the lost. It is vital to have God's Word in the hands and hearts of those who have never heard."

"Through my work with Wycliffe Associates, I get to see and share the remarkable advances and acceleration of Bible translation around the world. God has truly blessed me with this opportunity to tell the stories and have a part in helping the lost hear the Good News of Jesus Christ for the very first time."

The MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) strategy is just one of the many advances in Bible translation Eric is seeing. The MAST workshops bring together multiple teams of nationals from language groups that have no Scripture. They are taught an innovative strategy for translating the Bible into their heart languages more quickly than ever before and with great accuracy. When national translators bring the Scriptures to life in the language of their own people-for the first time-the spiritually dead and dry bones are coming alive!

Please join us for a special Wycliffe Associates banquet. . . and witness how God's Word is bringing hearts to life.