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Isaac and Rachel Lai, MAST Coordinator for Myanmar

Isaac Lai felt God tugging on his heart like never before. The young collegian was attending a mission conference on his school campus in Myanmar, and by the time the altar call rolled around, the tug had swelled into what felt like a magnetic pull. For the first time, Isaac knew exactly what God wanted him to do: Bible translation.

Looking back, Isaac knows God planted this seed in him at a very young age. Growing up, he was always fascinated by his mother's stories about her mission trip experiences, and as early as fourth grade he knew he wanted to serve the Lord. But how?

In high school, Isaac decided he would pursue theological studies, but it was at college that things began to fall into place. "Up to that time I was not quite sure what type of ministry direction to follow," Isaac said. "One of my professors reminded us to start praying for a specific mission. I began seriously praying."

After his moment of profound clarity at the mission conference, Isaac intensified his studies on Biblical languages. Upon graduation, he worked with a language group in South Asia for two years. Isaac and his wife Rachel returned to Myanmar and joined Wycliffe Associates to help coordinate MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) training events for national Bible translators. MAST is a proven, rapid-translation strategy where multiple teams of national translators work side by side to translate books of the Bible simultaneously, with great speed and accuracy. Using this method, translation teams are completing in months what used to take years.

Today, as the MAST Country Coordinator for Myanmar, Isaac spends his time identifying language groups still in need of Bible translation and organizing MAST training events so those waiting might soon have God's Word in their heart language. He is thrilled to share with others about his passion for Bible translation and how God is using people of all backgrounds to advance the translated Word faster than ever before.