Banquet Host

Tony Tophoney, Northeast Area Director

Prior to arriving at the MAST Bible translation workshop, we were aware there was an ongoing conflict in a nearby village. What we didn't know was that national translators from both sides of the feud would be participating in the training. Thankfully, the translators from the two clans seemed willing to work together for the greater good. Then tragedy struck.

Phones began ringing off the hook at the workshop tables of one of the clans. With tears in their eyes, they shared that there had just been a battle in their village. Homes were burned and people were severely injured by gunshots, spears, and arrows.

Local pastors who were facilitating the workshop declared their intention to visit the village and urge a cease fire. We quickly helped print the first draft of Mark's Gospel and joined the pastors on the two-hour trek. We were met by armed men who were patrolling the perimeter of the village. After some introductions, the clan leaders agreed to let our group address the crowd.

What happened next can only be described as divine intervention. Come to the banquet and hear what happened when Scripture was read to the people in their heart language for the very first time!