Donor Relations Advocate

Wycliffe Associates

Job Title: Donor Relations Advocate

Department: Development

Location of Job: Orlando, Florida

Reporting Relationship: Outbound Call Center Manager

Exemption Status: Non-Exempt

Position Summary: If you are interested in seeing God’s Word made available in every heart language, this may be the role for you! The Donor Relations Advocate is responsible for specific outbound communications with Wycliffe Associates’ (WA) donors. The primary role of the Donor Relations Advocate is to thank donors for their gifts, praying, and providing current updates from the WA field team. They encourage the return and re-engagement of donors who have not given to the organization in a specified window of time and invite existing donors to continue their giving when a faith promise has been fulfilled. In addition to these connections, Donor Relations Advocates will educate and encourage donors to attend one of our President Summit Events and/or ask for a financial commitment to a Challenge Fund in lieu of attending one of the Summits.

An overarching goal of the Donor Relations Advocate is to share WA’s heart of gratitude and care for each donor while also advocating for deeper engagement in the work of Wycliffe Associates, through a specific giving campaign or through the donor participating in the meaningful and impactful experience of a President’s Summit Event.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Contact specified donors to thank them for their gift to WA, helping the team to achieve a standard for “Next Day Calls”

2. Contact specified donors to invite them to re-engage in giving to WA, proposing their participation to a specific project in need

3. Contact specified donors to invite them to continue giving each month after the fulfillment of their existing Faith Promise

4. Review donor records and, as appropriate, encourage attendance to a President’s Summit Event or attempt to secure partnership in a Challenge Fund

5. Build relationships with donors through consistent contact, partnership in prayer, and providing meaningful and timely updates on the work of WA’s field team.

6. Maintain thorough and accurate notes within each donor record, documenting communication efforts, and building a clear relational history

7. Propose meaningful leads for President Summit Directors who will follow-up and deepen relationships

8. Participate in the preparation for and hosting of President’s Summit Events each year, engaging in meaningful ways with donors who are in attendance

9. Maintain a working knowledge of WA programs, active field work, and active fundraising initiatives

10. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Professional Qualifications:

1. Experience in events, fundraising, sales, or marketing.

2. A demonstrated record of being a team player, with the desire and ability to serve and care for direct and extended team members

3. Whether speaking to groups or one-on-one, this person must be an effective communicator.

4. Must have excellent writing skills.

5. Must be computer literate.

6. Spiritual Bona Fide Occupational Qualification (BFOQ): Demonstrates desire and ability to support corporate Biblical and religious goals and participate in work related spiritual activities without reservation.

Personal Qualifications:

1. Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Senses a call from God to ministry, a genuine caring for people and be a spiritual leader.

3. Has an ability to be at ease with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

4. Has a healthy level of self-confidence.

5. Demonstrates the attitude of a servant leader.

6. Ability to function independently with minimal supervision is critical.

7. The right candidate will see this as an exciting opportunity to participate in a ministry with global impact.

8. High energy level and a readiness to take on a significant challenge.

Wycliffe Associates makes employment decisions in accordance with applicable federal and state employment laws and regulations. As a religious organization, we are entitled to make employment decisions on the basis of religious beliefs and practices of the applicant or employee.

Please contact Jennifer Cunneen to apply at:   or call: 407-852-5349.